by Victoria's Secrets

First month of the 346 days. 31 days of pure excitement and unconsciousness you know why? Lemme introduce to you, the world of my muggled self

January 14, 2012

A tiring experience but a sort of life changing one. Imagine on a hot scorching day, Standing for almost 4 hours to barricade devotees of our dear Senor Sto. Nino (We do this in honour of the Child Jesus for yearly showering us with protection from calamities and disasters) but the day is not yet done

SO, I have these two ninja’s who’s very dear to me. Both got skills, singing ones you see. They are Josh and Luigi.

A picture of them! 🙂

This one’s Luigi

Luigi D'avola

& the guy pointing at you is Josh

Yeah, You should support them both you know. Sirens is josh’s band search them on youtube if you can, Luigi on the other hand has a youtube page. And has a song also! “Back to you” check it out” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfRtEcdZMbc

Anywayssssss. So On that night, I was reunited with them, and it felt great! Seeing their Success and the height of their popularity, I feel so proud for them. So yeah the event we attended was Sonic Boom 2012: Sinulog Kickoff.

Im not gonna go through every details of what happened that night, but I’ll just some it up. For those who are curious enough

-Somebody got owned by the bouncer! Face plant to the floor

-Jack Daniels… Not our type

-Yeah John was also there.

-Somebody was swimming in his own puke….. ew

-Dinner with the Alipe Family! ♥

-Urbandub still the best in town

Soooo I’m ending this blog, and a snog. Love you guys. Keep it touch