Year of Madness

by Victoria's Secrets

First post, I ever made, I wish you guys like it.

A Year of Madness, Yes, you heard me right. Madness, why? Lets enumerate shall we.

1. They say its the End of the world.

2. That Earthquake that shook us all here in Cebu

3. Deans lister in my Department

4. Clubbing on Saturdays, Getting Wasted like Fcuk

5. Debuts. Debuts. and yes, Debuts

6. I’m almost 18? ( is that even counted?)

7. Unstoppable adventures with Friends.

Yeah. The year has just started and A lot of things already happened.

So I’m not making this long, Maybe in the next post I’ll sing a song,

So those who read this post, you’re in for thrill, and lets keep on writing till these white pages fill.