So I guess this is it

by Victoria's Secrets

People ask me too many questions, I mean… really some are concerned, some just want to know for the heck of it. But I’m not here to answer all your questions, I’m also here to ask. Why.. Cause I’m clueless just like you

I say a lot of things, but I really think them over.. Cause some words that come out of my mouth are ambiguous .. Some I don’t mean. It’s hard to tell from my face. Cause I’m good in acting. I’m good in hiding.

That’s the per reason I”m hiding this blog cause I wanted to vent everything here. But I guess its just to hide your identity If the main reason is you want to voice something out..

But I learned that questions help you in some way, Its a way your curious about stuff, questioning is learning..

And as I face a lot of them right now, I’m learning… or I think I am.