Topic No. 1. Love or Lust

by Victoria's Secrets

SO again, I’m gonna rant about this topic, cause it currently, bothers me, because of someone I know who is.. In a lust relationship? or is she really in love.

Okay so people, DEFINE LOVE  as something extra-ordinary, its sometimes unexplainable, its that feeling that with him its never a dull moment, that you feel butterflies in your stomach, and just being with him is enough to keep you going. But nowadays If that really is the real definition of love, then people have a wrong notation of what they’re feeeling now…

That, my girlfriend… is lust. Yeah you go out, make out or do shiiiiiiiiiiz God forbids your doing.. But is there love in it???? You guys only know, then after months of being together. Boom! you split up, Cause there was never LOVE in the foundation of your relationship when it even started.

I’m not discouraging you or anything, I just want you guys to think it over….. Is the stuff your doing really worth it? Have you known each other so well to trust your secrets and give all?

People don’t wanna get hurt, So if I were you, I’d think ambiguously..

 its either. REGRET or FORGET.