Topic No. 2 Friendship lost

by Victoria's Secrets

“Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart”

I’m not saying this to be sentimental or anything but sometimes you just wish that you could turn back time, and pause all the moments you wished stayed with the person you’re most comfortable with.  You’re bestfriend.

See I have this best friend, we’ve been friends since grade one, and I always had her ever since. But now, I guess, everything changes for a reason.

You may not favor it sometimes, but when it really has to happen, it then does.

Distance grew us apart, and looking at our fond memories,

I can’t deny that I miss her a lot.

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“We were inseparable” almost everybody says, To the point we almost look alike cause we can’t keep each other away. If you say Via, they’ll say Addy, and vice versa”

She’s that type of friend, that you can be yourself with, all the crazy stuff we’ve done together, from being stage actors, from dreaming of wining soccer games (which we actually won a several times), ninja moves, crazy adventures, and those dull moments, when you look at each other and you still smile cause you both know, you have that someone who will never leave you.

Time has always been greedy, and now look what brought us?

I never see her that much, we rarely talk, and things I wanted to say to that someone who I know will never judge me, slowly fades away and I have to keep everything for myself.

I’m not saying she changed, its that certain situations that hinder us from being together, and I just wanna say, I really miss her.

Cause no one will ever accept me, and understand me, just like she always did.

And I hope maybe, someday..

Time will be good to us, We can regain again what we thought we lost.