Topic no. 3 I Celebrate Life with House

by Victoria's Secrets

If you say, Jay-z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and all those mainstream singers

I’d simply nod and say Have you noticed Swedish House Mafia, Avicii? Calvin Harris, Armin Van burren? And all those Dj’s who started making a name in the music industry.

Well, unfortunately. No, people appreciate shitty music these days, those lyrics that don’t really make sense. Hate to admit it, but yes, nowadays, People never realize what the meaning of true music is.

Since ever, I have been a devotee for house music, From Kaskade to the Famous Afrojack. Its just that House isn’t all about the techno crap you prefer relating it too. Its how you feel when you hear the bass and beats dropping in every song. For example,

This song, by Phil Wilde and Toby Traxx has been a favorite of mine these past few days, They may not have lyrics, but the song itself seems to sing to me. This song makes me feel good, in ways I really don’t know why.

Thats why looking at where I’m situated right now, People listen to what they think is trending, but I choose to define my music, something unique and original

Europe is where it all started famous Dj’s sprouting all about. From Fredde Le Grand, Avicii , Sander Van Doorn. That Every Year they put a rave party for the most prominent Dj’s all over the world and not the less those in Europe.

Sensation, An event I would die to go. But i’m halfway across the globe, so maybe soon. Hahahahah

So you see? House music isn’t techno shit, Its music that you can relate to not through lyrics but every sound wave it makes, its how you depict every loop, beat its makes.

So I hope I made my point here. and I hope you took time to read this.