Topic No. 4 Disco Nights and Flashy Lights

by Victoria's Secrets

So I’m back, To fill your brain with more information about the history of civilization. Kidding I sound so serious.

So why House Music? Simply said, I love to dance and Dancing means Clubbing and Clubbing means? The Cycle returns back to My first topic.

The Flashy Lights, Yes FIRST CLASS LED lights, that blind you, especially when intoxicated. It adds a little nice facade in a Club that you can never understand. It just goes with it, Enough with the disco ball.

Clubs Clubs Clubs, THERE ARE a lot, but the only problem is THE CROWD, Some clubs are too crowded, and it just sucks the fun out of it, Some crowds are too old for the younger era, they tend to play overrated songs like “Low” or “2012” and all those RNB dance crazes. Nuff said, A CLUB SHOULD PLAY MUSIC WHICH IS EITHER TECHNO or HOUSE. okay? Some crowds are too classy and they tend to serve for the First class people, so this means you’ll never meet anyone new there.

Dancing, Yes the main purpose you’re there. To show and bust you’re moves, But be careful, Sexy dancing can lead to misconceptions, soo Dance wisely, my friends

Hmmmm, One tip to finish off, my post about this.

NEVER GET INTO TROUBLE IN A CLUB, or you get ticked off, and NEVER DRUNK DANCE, or your face will be up in your nearby HOMEPAGE in facebook