Topic No. 5 First Impressions Last? Maybe.

by Victoria's Secrets


Look at this picture whats your say? Wild.. Young? Free? I’m not talking about Wiz Khalifa here.

Hey, Just because I go out and socialize with people. Doesn’t mean I’m a slut and I’m a party girl. Just because I have friends who are famous, doesn’t mean I’m a snob. Just because I don’t say hi, doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

One look changes everything. First Impressions always have great tales to tell.

I hate people being so judgemental, They speak before they know what the real story is. So judgers gonna judge.

They first impression lasts. I beg to differ though, so you see, Just because your eyes deceive you, that doesn’t mean its the real thing

So, I’m gonna tell you this short story about those normal impressions about me.

They say I’m braggy, unapproachable, bitchy, snobby and all those negative things that really hurts my ego.

Nevertheless I don’t really care cause I’ve been through worst situations than be judged by a bunch of no life’s

But I’m happy for those who take it back, though, to those who really gave effort to know me and realize “Hey you’re  just like the others” or “You’re not that bad after all”

Some say that “I never thought your like this, or Really? You like Harry Potter too?”

Yeah, First Impressions do last, but it really is up to the person to prove their impressions wrong.