Secret no. 1

by Victoria's Secrets

I Guess,  A lot heard about my break up, and how stuffs had been going on ever since. Sad to say, everything has to end. A lot of things made me realize after that.

1. Who needs a boyfriend anyway? A relationship is a WANT not a NEED

2. BRO’S over HOE’s FTW

3. If the guy isn’t mature enough, leave him while you still can

4. Satisfaction can lead to something worse.

5. Its better to REPENT rather to REGRET

Bad news also comes with more satisfying agenda, which lets you turn to those things which are more important to focus about. Friends and Family.

God gave me a choice, and I chose to side with my instincts, it may have hurt me badly, but definitely it made me strong and I decided to move on. 🙂

If you can still call me bitter, its not up to you, cause now I’m free, happy and single 😉