Secret no. 3

by Victoria's Secrets

Okay so there’s rumors spreading about these 5 girls in STC wearing bikini’s and get shoved off from their graduation rites. Well actually not rumors, Front page headline in the newspaper kind of stuff.

A lot of side comments saying that the punishment was too harsh on the girls, that STC was too overreacting on the issue and that the nuns should let them march.

Well as a former student of the school, I had my fair share of mischievous and wild experiences. BUT I DO NOT POSE ALL OF THEM in facebook. Seriously??

Well yeah, come to think of it, if you did let them pass, its like saying
“HEY these girls are products of our school” I am for the school per say, Cause the pictures aren’t just bikinis, the ones they didn’t show was beyond decency and really gross, trust me.

You should even credit the admin, they protected the students, even it means putting the school’s name in the hot seat.

This is me and a bikini why dint I get reprimanded? HMMM