Secret no. 5

by Victoria's Secrets


Im on the left, she’s on the right.

So I have this friend, she has always been my partner in crime, we don’t usually show our emotions or get too attached with anybody. We were the ones who care least about relationships and stuff.

Now. She left to California for a month or so. Before she left she told me stuff about her and her boyfriend.

Coming out from a break-up, and I’ve been through a lot of pain. BUT I just couldn’t relate to her situation which left me speechless at times. Cause of all the couples I knew who has long distance relationship end up with nothing. But I knew she loved him too much. To the point the only thing sensible I told her was “Just think he’s on vacation or something”

Am I bad friend or what? I just hope she feels better soon. Cause she knows i’ll always be here for her. To listen to whatever she wants to tell me.