Secret no. 6

by Victoria's Secrets

Sad to say, I always fail in relationships. Cause you know why? I am scared of commitments. I really am.

Sometimes I think that’s one reason I broke up with him, I can never see myself with someone forever, for I always think, that in the end they’ll leave me. We’ll they always do, but I make sure I’m the first one to back out, so I wouldn’t get all the heartaches.

I tried, I really did, but my feelings get so mixed up with either the past or the future. That I forgot what I have now, that someone who’s willing to do everything for me.

Why am I so scared? Why? This question always bugs me. Maybe I’m too complicated for anyone to love, I call my love risk, I risk but then I take it back when I feel too attached.

This is one secret few only know, but now Its time for me to face.