Secret no. 7

by Victoria's Secrets

I’m back. So I have secret I’m ready to tell. Some know about this, some don’t

Have you heard Close my Eyes by Jordan Knight?

Every time I hear this song, it reminds me so much of someone. Who was once dear to me. We were never together, but we used to text and chat sweet stuff, and hang out. Not that one night, when we went to a place in the mountains. When everything changed how I felt about him. Not that nasty stuff you’re thinking right now. But that certain kiss, that left you breathless.

He was way older than me. WAY OLDER. but I know it was never gonna happen, but something told me to hold on. Weird, I know. Then he left. For the states. Which sucks, really, but we chatted non-stop. If I had the time and if he did. Those were the moments when he gave me this link to listen and the time he told me, he’ll find me when he comes back, I don’t know if he really meant it, but it meant something to me. Not until that news that left me awestruck. He got married apparently.

Funny thing. But now almost 2 years have passed, every single time I listen to this song, It still reminds me of him. Not in a sad kind of way, but happy.

Its that feeling that you only knew him in a short span of time, and he already made a great impact to me.

CHEERS to you for making me realize a lot. 🙂