Secret no. 10

by Victoria's Secrets

This is my 25th post! Yeahey to me.

Alright then. Summer days bore to me to death and I got one secret to tell.

So I have this friend, we don’t have any mutual feelings for each other, at least I don’t, but I did before, but now its just plain friendship. Or at least I think it is.

We even had a fight with my mom about him, But I defended my side so well, she couldn’t say anything else

It’s like he’s been there for me ever since the whole situation thing came up. He’d pick me up anytime and anywhere. Spending a whole day with him feels really nice. That he makes me happy and laugh for his craziness. Cause I can talk just about anything with him. From random stuff to more serious agendas.

Okay so I liked him before, I found him cute and charming and  sexy, but there are a lot to consider. His age, He’s old but not really that old.. But you know it does matter when in your adolescence. There was this one time he told me he loved  me. But I really didn’t believe it cause he always jokes around.. However, Maybe we just had the same feeling of happiness around each other. I don’t know but we have our own little world despite the age difference he seems to understand me and vice versa.

We rarely go out unlike before cause he is one busy boy, with his architecture board thingy and his reviews. But we never fail to keep in touch. I miss him a lot though, him making me coffee, one on one drinking session, picking me up so I could accompany him anywhere, his boy band dance moves and his messy hair. Most especially His justin timberlake songs.

Hope to see you soon babe, PM 😉