Secret no. 11

by Victoria's Secrets

Intoxication, Yes I’m 18 years of age, and I drink till I drop.

People get drunk, its given. Especially us women, we have a lower tolerance compared to men. So i’ll give a few secrets, well not really secrets, to some of my experiences when I get totally black out drunk.

1. I went off with this guy to the  mountains, and when I woke up I was in a house I don’t know and I thought I was raped! but just kiddin! I was at his cousin’s house cause I dropped dead and I got scolded for going home like 4am

2. I kept crying like a baby saying “Luigi, luigi, im so uwaw” Then I’d slapped anyone near me.

3. I was like rolling, seriously rolling and vomiting almost everywhere in Mr. M’s and lied down in the street cause I couldn’t get up. Totally embarrassing? YES I second the motion

4. Clubbing nights, When I dance like I’m a possessed teenager, get guys to dance with me, going up on the stage and do sexy moves. But that actually paved way for me to get free drinks and meet new people 😉

5. Kissing a guy in public… (Totally regret it, but its okay I barely remember it happened)

6. I got harassed at this Beach Party. Me and my friends in fact, so we just scooted out as fast as we could. (Stupid People)

7. I flirt, I admit it, I do when I get drunk, especially when I find someone hot or someone who fits my standards.

8. Drunk text, this is the worst among everything, cause all my feelings start pouring out to someone I like. Everything  just comes out. And you just find out the next morning that your sent items are full of gibberish messages to your crush shizz

Taking aside my personal experiences, I have more drunk experiences, with my friends.

Friend no. 1 : So I have this friend, she is one close friend, I forbid to share this to you guys, but we can all enjoy a laugh trip, she was so drunk, She kept saying the little mermaid lives in neverland, that she was closing her eyes and kept crying looking for her boyfriend, when her boyfriend was actually right in front of her. That she needed to stop crying cause her eyeliner would smudge and she wouldn’t look pretty anymore. She was rolling in the grass in I.T and kept crying, to the point I actually had to bring her home. Now her mom still has a small grudge on me. Love you, D!

Friend no. 2 She’s my Bestie actually, and when she gets drunk, she gets weird and says stuff like “There are so many stars!” When in fact that night was so cloudy, and she drops dead like out of nowhere. Like she just disappears.

Friend no.3 Two of them actually, they are the two people even just a sip of alcohol, gets super red, and drunk. Its. just. funny.

So yeah that’s all I hope you guys had a laugh, just like how I am right now typing this. Those will be the days I will never forget. Hope you found this post amusing!