Secret no. 12

by Victoria's Secrets

So the views are giving me the hype to blog a lot more.

Its funny and nice to know, there are a lot of people interested to know a little about your life even though sometimes, it gets to be too dramatic for you to handle.

Skipping all the crazy realizations.

I must confess I’m a bit insecure, we all do, parts of your self that you want to renew or change, but to me I’m more insecure about my body, I’m just too thin and petitie. Even if I have an appetite of 200lbs person, I still don’t understand why I don’t get fat.

No matter what foods I eat, the pounds never gain and a lot of people say “Why are you so thin Via?” “Do you eat?” “You’re almost like a skeleton” Well hello people, its not my fault for having this kind of body. Its just so irritating, people nowadays don’t know how to think before they speak.

But you know, despite people keep on bashing me about my weight, I always think. “Who cares about what they say?” My body is my asset, some say I’m already sexy. So I don’t give a damn of what the other people may think. Cause those who give out too many opinions about other people, are the ones wallowing in their own insecurities.

And the best thing about my body, even though I drink a lot, my Stomach doesn’t get big HA-HA-HA. So to all those who think being thin is a sin, Go eat your words.