Shabby days: Lingering with Change

by Victoria's Secrets

Hmmm. Been running out of things to say and share with you guys.

So I’ll dig deeper. Serious thoughts that been running through my unspeakable mind.

They say the only thing constant in this world is Change. From lifestyle, to attitudes, morals and values. Most especially FEELINGS.

There are times when you just look back, and realize things are not the same as it was before. You left out, You missed opportunities. Yes, I’m being sentimental here. I’ve always argued with my feelings, they are never stable. Maybe because I’m young, but my mind keeps on arguing what my heart wants to say.

Feelings do change, some say they don’t, but they do. Its just that as you grow up and going through every day battles. Perspectives change, that why your feelings are affected do.

Every single day I constantly shift moods, that really affect my feelings toward people who have a big role in my life. That moment when everything feels different & when the people are not there for you like they used to, then you ask yourself, Did everyone change or have I?

Change is inevitable, whether its whats right for you or not, or if it isn’t needed or if it is wanted. There are a lot of factors that trigger change, and one factor is yourself. Next is the people around you.

I’ve always told myself, to change, but I never do. Then I realize change is a process, You cannot demand it to happen right before your eyes. It happens slowly.

Now I have acquainted you, Are you up for change?