Shabby Days: Poems of the night

by Victoria's Secrets

So I made this while I was about to sleep.

Its a miracle I could blog, late this night.

Sooooo, I made this poem.. First post of the week!

“Blurry visions of you and me

Hoping as much as I can

Things may not be meant to be

But I’ll take my chances

Smiles burn my face

Finally letting go of the past

Only you can put up with the pace

Wishing this moment could last

I swear if you’d give it a try

I will never  make you sigh

I swear if you can change me

I will never let youg go

Hahahaha this is just a part of what I wrote if I detailed everything, it would be to vulgar.

But I hope you liked it though! 

Blog you guys soon!