Secret no. 15

by Victoria's Secrets

So hey, I’m back just to blog for this week tho, just as I promised.

I told you in my last post, something about an opportunity,

AND I GUESS its safe to say now. We’re aiming to get Backstage passes to meet DIMITRI VEGAS AND LIKE MIKE on LIFEDANCE 2012!!!!

HOW COOL IS THAT! This will really help me a lot, Me and my other friends.

This is our first video:

Second Video: (WHICH IS WHERE THE FUN PARTS ARE IN!) Girls and a lot of partying.

AND GUESS WHATTTTT! Dimitri Vegas replied to my tweet:

Here’s a snapshot

HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I guess dream’s really can come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I’m still crossing my fingers! So you! Yes you! Help us and Spread our videos! I’m pleading and begging you dear followers :>

Updating news sooon! Seee you! xx And yes check the Everyday scoop page! 🙂