Secret no. 16

by Victoria's Secrets

Hmmm, its been awhile since I posted something un-related to Lifedance.

So here’s the snitch. So as you read in my last post, We’re wanting to get backstage passes with my two friends. Jhe and Katrina labra (you may know her, she blogs too). In order to achieve that, we basically have to go out and spread the word anywhere in the City.

  • Friday. Coachella night in Vudu. And Drinking Tanduay, almost after a year! So I don’t have pictures cause we were preoccupied in making videos first.
  1. That night was so wild,Β Like literally. To the point we couldn’t focus in making videos. In the middle of the fun, I met someone there. AND BOOM! you know what happened πŸ˜‰
  2. I was so tipsy, really to the point, I was in the mood to do all the crazy stuff they ask me to. Thank God they din’t.
  3. The cause of my tipsy-ness is because of that forsaken Tanduay. Just me, and my other 2 friends. Finished one Long neck bottle and BOOM! Hello Hangover.

Saturday. Starting point and Vudu… again. Luckily! I have some pictures of the cuhrazyyyy night.

  1. My old bestfriend, out of the blue, texted me and she wanted to meet up. After months of separation. The dynamic duo was back for a night. πŸ™‚
  2. So yeah we were very lucky to get in for free, and got so much to drink! For free also. HOW LUCKY CAN WE GET?
  3. And the video’s we made.. We’re just too awesome for words!!!!!!!!!
  4. And yes a lot of things happen when it gets dark, and the music blasting through your ears… If you know what I mean. Between two people… somewhere…
  5. I saw him again.. Weird.
  6. Met up with old champs, Danced a bit and yes! The night just had to end with damp clothes.

So That’s it. The night was really cool and fun. Im looking forward to tomorrow, I mean later for the next adventure we’re gonna have πŸ˜‰