Secret no. 18

by Victoria's Secrets

Hmmm, I just felt like blogging about my last week’s adventure. So yes, we went around the city just to film our videos.

First we went to the mall, Ayala Center Cebu, we toughen ourselves up just to approach random people and let them know what LifeDance is really about.

Next we went to a friend’s house just to chill and drink, Lo and behold, a kinda not so friend of mine was there. There was an awkward silence tho, but at the end of the night, I realized she wasn’t that bad at all, she was kinda cool. 🙂

After that, We went to Veranda, Mr. M’s and Around mango.. Imagine the stuff we do just to get those backstage passes

To the point I almost got snatched, but thanks to my ninja skills I was so quick and he ran away. Thank God for that.


Now, on the next day (Saturday)

It was the Price off party of The Lifedance event, They sold the tickets like 70% off, which was totally cool, and we had the opportunity to show them how desperate we are.

But to our surprise, they already have heard about us, they let us plug our videos and fan page, and we also got to meet all the organizers of the event! HOW COOL IS THAT? (and we thought we were hopeless)

They made us plug stuff in Y101 and we got interviewed. WE just couldn’t imagine how lucky we were!

So here’s pictures of those epic momen

So you might ask, are we there yet??? Maybe. maybe! Stay tuned