Random Post with Random Words

by Victoria's Secrets

People might not know this, but I’ve never been on a official date, Like a real one.

Someone who picks me up for dinner, shows up to my parent’s kind of stuff.

But now in the modern world, Boy’s don’t do that anymore, they just normally call a date as sort of hanging out.

Nevertheless, it just seriously freaks me out… and makes me really nervous for some reason. To the point I have to make excuses so I couldn’t go.

Ha-Ha a bit weird, for someone who’s very outgoing like me. Maybe its because I never have the guts to take any guy or boy seriously.

Yes, A play girl, Sometimes I think I am, sometimes I’m not. I don’t wanna brand myself as such cause it sounds kinda cheap.

But I just don’t like commitments and those kinda mushy stuff.

Cause I’ve always had this notion. Why do you stick to one? When you can stick to many? (hahahah sounds offending, and really bastard-ish but I kinda like it that way)

So I’m ending this post, cause it sounds too personal.