Secret no. 21

by Victoria's Secrets

Things have gone my way so far this year. After leaving a 6 month relationship, My life has been a whirlwind of excitement and epic moments.

Making things more simpler to understand, I will outline brief moments that make this year the best so far. (Even though its gonna end)

  • Turned 18, Legal now. FINALLY
  • I colored my hair, its sorta of brown but then sometimes it turns red. But I like it!
  • I’ve met a lot of people I mean A LOT. Made new great friends, and two close ones! 😉
  • Did crazy and embarrassing stunts, but then those memories are enough to keep me going.
  • Loved some, Loss some, But I’m still learning
  • Weird, but I’ve been playing Pokemon and it really came to my liking
  • People recognize us cause of our videos and every video we make always hits 1k viewers! How cool is that
  • I’m back to being my naughty, loud and immature self. (but only when it comes to going out, still focused on my studies though
  • Hoping to get a chance to study in manila! FINGERS CROSSED!
  • Best among all I’m meeting CHICANE AND BJORNBERG cause we got them backstage passes!

So I used to say I should get a life, but then I realize I already have an amazing and lucky one. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

xx keep you guys posted