Secret no. 22

by Victoria's Secrets

Oh dear me, It’s 2:47 am, and my eyes are as wide as an owl.

I’m dedicating this post to my ex-lover: Miller. Hi! (Cause you told me to blog about you)

Past relationships, so grueling and plain cruel.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of heartaches, and its never been that easy to let go.

When the thing that meant the whole world to you, just walks away, without fair notice.

Yes truly heartbreaking.

When I was in my younger years, (I’m still young by the way) That vivid moment, when you had your first ever boyfriend.

You feel like a rule-breaker, cause you sneak out just to meet him after school, Lie once in awhile just to spend time with him. That moment.

Miller, was my first ever love, it may sound cliche, but he was. My First Kiss and My First ever serious relationship.

But let’s go back to when we’re still in First year high school, We were together for about 3 months. But drama took him away from me. So then that was my First major heartache. He had someone else.

Almost 3 years passed, We’ve all grown and moved on. Senior Year, I was still living my life as usual, and him, Still together with the girl.

Oblivious of the situations, our hearts met again.

They say “First love never dies” and I can’t help but agree.

Now, we were First year College when we got back together, and damn, I had the time of my life with him.

We loved each other same as any couple would, cried, laughed and shared a whole lot of crazy moments that will forever hold a special place in my heart

After 6 months of unwavering love and cherished memories. Then, you ask me. What happened?

Everything just fell apart, I lost my way. I didn’t know what I wanted. He was too immature for me, I was too focused on my future.

Currently we have no bitterness between each other, we learned to accept that maybe it was never meant to be.

Now, I never knew that I missed a lot of details when we were still together.

How he always leaves me a goodnight message before we sleep. How he calls me his baby and his lablab. How he smiles and shows his dimples. How he buys me food and that red velvet cupcake we always crave for. The Ginabot Mondays every after english class. How he lies down next to me to wake me up every 6:30 am for school. Sleeping in his arms..and how I was suppose to be Victoria Marie Chan-Semilla

Ahhh and all we have left are unforgettable memories and little by little are fading into the abyss of past

I love you Miller! & soon we will have our time again. If not, Can I be your ninang to your babies?! AW?