You don’t know me

by Victoria's Secrets

Ranting, People are too judgmental these days. These are some things pe

1. I love Harry Potter, I watched all the movies and read all the books

2. I have high grades (I’m not bragging ,but people mistake for being stupid, and it irritates me a lot)

3. I’m not choosy when comes to things, only Food.

4. I’m not a partyholic, I go out if I have to or If my mood is right.

5. I don’t usually ask my mom for money.

6. I’m not a snob, It just that I put up a really bitchy face, cause I don’t want people to mess around with me.

7. I am out-going, really out-going.

8. I have a serious case of hyperacidity, and everyday I suffer from it.

9. I’m thin, but I’m as strong as any 110 lbs girl.

10. I’m frigid, so yeah.

11. I really don’t know how to react in certain situations (e.g Surprises, Mushy stuff). I usually end up pissing them off or running away.

12. I’m not an alcoholic, but I love to drink.

13. I once cried and got so heartbroken because of an actor who died. (Rico Yan)

14. I like fermented fish

15. I hate, absolutely hate hip-hop

16. When I was a 7, I was a friendless loser.

17. I rarely say I love you to people.

18. I love reading.

19. I can’t live without drinking coke.

20. And, Yes I listen to Franco and Urbandub.