Secret no. 23 Meeting Bjornberg

by Victoria's Secrets

You people probably know, Me and my friends got those backstage passes for a chance to meet the legendary Chicane and the rising star “Adam Bjornberg”

Too bad, I wasn’t able to meet Chicane face to face. But I was at the side during his set.

Nevertheless I’m here to blog about that young 17 year old dj, Adam Bjornberg.

Yes, I was at his tent before he was gonna play. I got the chance to have a picture with him and talk to him about random things. So I’ll try to re-enact our conversation.

First of all I introduced myself to him, and I told him how GWAPO he was, (handsome in Visayan Language) Then he just kept smiling at me, with so many Thank you’s

During the whole stay there, we kept on teaching them Visayan words like gwapo, hubo and other funny words.

Apparently we were drinking with them, then So I asked him, how did he find Cebu so far, He then said “It was nice and people were very warm and hospitable.

We both had San Miguel Light Beers, so I asked him does he like it, then apparently he found it very good. He had a few more.

He looked at me, and I was really tired from all the dancing and walking around the Boardwalk, he asked “Do you want something?” I blushed, I told him. I was fine. Then we got to a more serious conversation.

I wondered if He still goes to school, and what were his plans for college. He then said. He’s was still in high school, then college will depend on his music or in him being a Dj.

Then I just had to  but in, and praise him again, on how I found his music really good and really clean. Then I told him, in my opinion, He can be the next Avicii. (He blushed and smiled even more)

Knowing that I’m talking to a really charming guy, I just had to blurt out if He had a girlfriend. And he said “No” (I WAS SO HAPPY ON THE INSIDE hihihi, Ladies we have a great chance here!)

Minutes before he was going to perform. I asked him my last question. I queried if is he nervous, shockingly he said “Yeah, cause its a totally different crowd here” But I reassured him that he is too good and all the Cebuano’s will love him. And I was right! (People were actually going maximal crazy when he played his first track.)

So I bade him good luck. During his whole set, I was literally  mindfcuked. Especially when he played “Absolut” and “Epic”

Now, I still can’t believe how lucky I was to meet him and how LifeDance is finally over, It was a fairytale come true, for us house music addicts, a huge success for the organizers and just one hell of a party for us Cebuano’s.

LifeDance 2013, We are so ready for you.