Pretentious Teenager

by Victoria's Secrets

You don’t have to fit in, You don’t have to stand out. You’re likely to have your time on the lime light soon enough.

You don’t have to be scared, risk once in awhile, love like there’s no tomorrow, get hurt, get lost, dance like a possessed person, drink till you lose control, for its better to repent than to wallow all those chances you didn’t get.

You need to accept and let go of the past, It may have hurt you a lot, Focus on what you have now, if its enough then be contented, if its not, seek for more happiness. Never settle for less.

You don’t have to choose one set of crowd, Explore, Find new set of friends, Learn new things from them and make tons of memories you never thought possible.

You need to stop chasing someone whom you’ll never get, Live your reality, Dreams maybe be better but then that’s the closest you’ll ever get. Deal with it.

Let go, Just let it go. Whatever is holding you back, Tell them to piss off,  Your entitled to your own decisions, you’re old enough to know what’s wrong or right.

Fight back, Fight all the demons that surround you, Those people who constantly bring you down. Who are they to tell you what kind of person you are? You know yourself better, Don’t live up to their expectations.

You’re young, you should live like you are. Don’t hold back, Always opt for an adventure. Go crazy, go wild. For once, don’t mind what people think about you. They may think less about you, but that shouldn’t affect you, cause you are what you are.

Lastly, Never to forget, to say thank you for everyday, for every moment, for every single chance you receive and for the people who have never looked at your negatives, but accepted them.

Dear Teenager, I may have told you this advice of mine, It may work, It may not. But then this is an opportunity, think twice. think thrice or don’t think at all. Do it.