Days like these..

by Victoria's Secrets

Rainy days are good, in times for discernment

You just wanna lay around your bed, cover yourself with a warm blanket to keep you company and just stare out into the blankness of the moment.

Sometimes you just wanna enjoy the coldness of the wind, Think of all the past doings you have partaken and one by one trying to vividly embrace it.

But the thing is, I just hate the rain. When it falls so gently, It reminds of me memories either too depressing. When it falls so hard, it sets back all the pain and torment I feel inside.

Another thing that makes me hate these days like these, its just too gloomy and sad. The darkness of the sky, the dampness of the road and the coldness of the weather. Snaps you into you reality. Then it makes you realize how alone you are.

No one to share a warm cocoa with, no one to lie down beside you, no one to cuddle or hug you when it feels all too cold. Just you and a small tinge of hope that someday, somehow when the clouds are grey, and the cool wind fights back. You’ll have someone who can bring all the warmth you’ll ever need.

But as of now, I think I just have to be contented of what I have.  A blank post, A cup of coffee, A overly huge jacket and readers who are eager to read my blogs. All those other perks will come… soon enough.