Profile no. 1: Quennie Ariel Fernandez Barruel.

by Victoria's Secrets

Time and Years never measure how much you know someone.

Its just simple.. Memories.. Tons of them

This blog is dedicated to my one and only bonbon “Quennie Ariel Fernandez Barruel”

6 Years in the making, and I’m not stopping the count.

That’s how long I know this crazy crazy girl.

Let’s go back to memory lane, Shall we? We met in a usual environment, School.. Exchanged our Hi’s and Hello’s, Had classes together not until.  Those moments happened.
Those moments that even though you get crinkly and saggy and even get Alzheimer’s just couldn’t make you forget.

(This was way back when we were in First Year High School)

So you see, I have listed and thought about my Top 5 things that I remember and will never forget about her.

1. I remembered  about when we were in 6th grade, I told her to be boyish like us, she was so way girly back then…. and now. look what happened?! 😮 Shocker ey? I still blame myself for making her this way, but I know she’s happy (hahahahahaahah)

2. Her Birthday parties, I hate to say it but every time she holds one? Make sure you bring your own lemons. (Literally).
Me and my friends got so drunk, that when we talk about worst drunk stories, we never leave out her house.. and her L300 van.

When that night ended, Someone puked on my legs, Someone got so drunk! just by one shot… Oh who could that be? (Marianne) (Follow her blog here. & we kept on recycling the lemons we used for our tequilla shots. (Holy mama)

Someone was flirting with our guy friend… said if he wants to dance with her… and Me? I was left alone in USC-TALAMBAN, knocking on the front gate saying “is this USC?”, and almost about to cry. Thanks alot Kweni.

3.Probably, when we were Second year, that was the most epic time I’ve ever had with her. We used to portray a family when I was her wife and she was my husband. We’d go out to the malls, just to play hide and seek…. I know..  But still, its those times when you don’t need alcohol just for you to do crazy stuff. Back to the time, When she joked around with our names and got Shayne so angry! (HAHAHAHAH) When we used to doodle. When we never knew how to drink….. When we thought we were so cool..

Me and her, (sorry for the bad editing)
















4. One thing that makes her so special to me, is her being there for me. Even though I don’t need her to be there, she just constantly appears and listens to my endless bullcrap and drama. Like all the time.

Like the time she used to go to my house and hang around with my mom.. Eat sashimi, Drink fail Gatorade and Tandauy mix. (All your fault by the way) Picking me up to have a small road trip around the city. ♫ this ship is gonna sink♫ Giving me hugs, Getting drunk, Pingslapping eachother, Horny-ing with my other horny friends… and being there for me when I got  so heartbroken..

She’s one friend I can say, I don’t wanna lose. Even though she got so love sick with this girl, and she just forgot about her friends and school and she really was fcuked up that time, and I really wanted slap her back to reality. But at least now she finally found a way back to us. 🙂

























5. Sorry Bonbon, But I just had to. Hi. Parklane.. April 4, 2012. or was that 5 already?? Hihihi nuff said.

























To Kweni: I know, I may be a bitch and I may “palaw” you sometimes. True friends make fun of one another right? Hahaha but yeah, Those are just some things I can say I will never forget about you. Especially no. 5. I will always be here, to listen to you, even though you never tell me about your love life.. HMMP!

I miss our sushi days, and our drinking days! Now that you’re finally in college.
I definitely wanna continue my Adventure time with my Bon-Bon.

Love you kwen, and I hope this post made you smile. Cause I definitely put my heart on to this.

Visit me soon ey!?

xx you one and only, Bonbon!