When will you know?

by Victoria's Secrets

I was never an expert when it comes to Love, cause I can say I was never really acquainted to it. I never really appreciated what it truly meant. Relationship wise.

Well. If in my standards and basic understanding of  what being love is, I can say that being together, being happy or just declaring your fondness with someone can never suffice what being it really means. That’s in my own perspective tho.

In everybody norm’s Being in-love is a feeling when you have a boyfriend, a full time commitment or  in layman’s terms “A RELATIONSHIP”. When you both have to be there for each other ALL the time, You need to text goodnight messages and always ending it with the most over-used statement plus endearment. “I love you, Babe”

Well, Being in-Love for me is beyond fluttering butterflies in the stomach or hand holding, the necessary PDA’s, I’m crazy for you quotes and eye to eye kind of bullcrap.

Its just being with someone, day after day you will always look forward to.  You never get enough of… No matter how you try to push away one another, you both just literally come sprawling back to each other’s arms. When both of you have your own thing, but still you never fail to remind how important and special you are to each other.

The fact that you know after everything he will always come back to you and you will always be there waiting. That kind of love when you don’t need to show affection for each other all the time, you don’t need to hold his hand almost every moment. You don’t need to fully commit. You don’t even need a label. Cause you know its Just gonna be you and him. As long as you trust him and he trusts you. Nothing will go wrong.

Love is supposed to be undefined, it’s supposed to be a feeling where people can never explain it, but nowadays people misuse and abuse it.. Are you one of them?