I hate that feeling..

by Victoria's Secrets

-When your friends are going out, without you..
-When you don’t know what to wear to a party
-When friends don’t make an effort to see you
-When you don’t like the food for dinner
-When even your close buddies hide secrets from you or talk behind your back
-When a lot of things keep bothering your idle mind
-When you miss out on things
-When someone doesn’t keep a conversation going
-When I don’t have load
-When I finish a good book
-When I want to confess something but I just can’t.
-When I’m alone
-When people think I’m having the time of my life
-When people don’t give a damn about you
-When you just realized your zipper has been open for the whole entire time
-When people keep on asking me to do things
-When instructions are repeated for nth time
-When house music goes mainstream
-When people ignore you
-When you crave for something you can’t have
-When I have pimples
-When I get teased to someone I clearly don’t like
-When people think I’m not over someone
-When my mom thinks I’m not independent enough
-When your cut short on your partying
-When I don’t have money
-Of being awake so early
-Of people who keep bugging you
-When people say I’m so thin. (Hello? I can see that.)
-Of going home early than usual
-Of not knowing the title of a song
-Of drinking Tanduay
-Of friends who don’t miss you
-Of people who start bitching with you when you didn’t even do anything wrong
-Of people who can’t mind there own business
-Of people who suddenly leave without saying anything
-When you expect too much but end up disappointed
-Of not being able to vent out my feelings
-When people don’t believe you
-Of Getting hangovers.
-Of Missing someone so bad
-Of sleepless nights/dawns
-When you feel so apart from people you used to be so close with……

I feel so zoned out from the world nowadays, I don’t know what’s happening to me..

Well, maybe some things are better left unsaid.