Things to Stop Waiting for in Life

by Victoria's Secrets

These are some things I should probably stop hoping for. Maybe you guys should too.
  • 1. That gorgeous, hot gay guy to change his mind.
  • 2. A Prince charming in a white horse.
  • 3. A guy that would sweep you of your feet and make you believe fairy tales are true.
  • 4. For the Telly to switch on by itself
  • 5. That celebrity crush of yours who will notice you or even think of dating you.
  • 6. A free shopping spree
  • 7. Meeting Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto and Fedde Le Grand or  any of the Coolest Dj’s in the world
  • 8. Being able to know how to spin and mix records, LIVE
  • 9. That the one who got away, will ever come back
  • 10. That Taylor Swift will ever stop making sad love songs about her ex’s
  • 11. That 5/6 Indian guy to quit collecting debts while riding a scooter
  • 12.That J.K Rowling will  make another book related to Wizardry
  • 13. That your gonna have a huge break in the movie industry
  • 14. That one guy you will never have
  • 15. That your breasts will ever grow bigger
  • 16. For Facebook to change back to its old self
  • 17. Finish running a marathon
  • 18. To get Fat.
  • 19. To be a YouTube Sensation
  • 20. To finish a Classic English Novel
  • 21. That trees will  finally bear money
  • 22. For people to change and start caring about the enviroment
  • 23. To be as good as Chachi Gonzales
  • 24. For boys to stop being asshole, and Girls to stop their drama
  • 25. To find your one true love.