That one person you’ll never have..

by Victoria's Secrets

Admit it, No matter how charming and wonderful you can be, No matter how you try so hard, giving him what he wants to let him stay, and how you thought you had something going on.

He will still be that one person you’ll never have.

Either you expected too much, maybe it was just a game or you’re just part of his evil scheme when once he had you, the thrill is up. Game over.

It’s hard, really it is. When the reason you smile today is the also the same reason of your hurting tomorrow.

That even if you try to convince yourself to feel frigid and how your friends rant on “You’ll find someone better” conversation. In the end of the day, you will never stop caring and you will never forget that feeling of losing and not being able to have that someone you know you could have had.

Is it just me? Or we all have had our fair share of that one guy (in my case) you can never have.

That his effect on you is like a deadly disease, no matter how try to shake him off, his lingering silhouette still comes creeping back to you.

That you find ways just to feel him again, to talk to him. To recall the feeling of you always having him when you needed him and he was still there.

Then, BOOM! Vanish into thin air.

No text, No reply’s, No nothing.

You realize, you’re finally Alone..

It’s just you and your paranoia’s of what if’s and what you could have done wrong.

Those questions of “Why did you just leave me hanging?” or “Were we really something or was it too surreal?”

*Sighs* Up until now you try to persuade your heart of lying,

….but then it will never cease to keep reminding you of what the truth really is.