Secret no. 26

by Victoria's Secrets

It’s been a total of one month since I posted something personal in my blog. Due to lack of time, tired and lazy, and I just didn’t feel like sharing stuff just yet.

Yeah, so here I am again, to share to all of you, something about what’s been going on in my life.

But first, I need to clarify things with those who are curious and been hearing a lot of grapevine about me.

1. Just to clarify, I don’t have someone right now, I don’t have plans to have one. Not now, maybe soon.

2. As you know, I have an ex, He’s an ex for a reason, and just because we go out a lot doesn’t mean we’re back together. He was a really close friend before any romantic issues incurred so its inevitable that we hang out most of the time. I state again, We are not dating.

3. I don’t really want to gain enemies and pick fights. But once you touch me, damn, you’re definitely going to burn. Especially when I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Just a small advice, assumptions will hurt you, so you better know the real story before jumping and making all sorts of conclusions.

ANYWAYS! Let’s not dwell on that. Let’s focus on something exciting.

Like my Saturday nights for the past few weeks. :>

As usual, clubbing in the same club I usually go to.

Strobe lights, heavy drinks and dancing all night long. But wait, what’s so exciting about that?

It’s the people I meet there. If  you know what I mean. They’re either scary, some having maniac tendencies, or both of us are just really drunk.

  • So yeah there was this one guy, June 23, (I track dates) I was dancing with a friend and we were still good. Not tipsy at all, we were on that big scaffold (like a mini platform in schools, haha) A guy approached me, and we were dancing but then, all of a sudden, he was all touchy and it felt really wrong, (He was cute by the way) I kept signaling my friend to save me, but she didn’t seem to get what I was saying so like a ninja I got out of his grasp jumped off the platform and calmly return to where I was sitting. As the night went by, I kept avoiding his gaze and just stayed away from him. Creepy…..
  • Another night, that was a week ago, It was my friend’s birthday, I was so happy to finally see my crowd. My old high school friends from STC.

Few photo’s :

  • To our surprise, both of our friends who were in MNL came back, so it was really one heck of a reunion.
  • Our friend who also came back from the states just for a vacay here, wanted to go out. So we went clubbing. Again.
And yes, We got so wasted, At least I did, but It was worth it though.
Wanna know why?
Not only I spent a whole night with my crazy ass friends but……
Yes him, well let’s say it was a really long night. Nuff said.
So that’s basically it. Hopefully I can be blogging something like this every week but it would be really rare. Cause I’ve been really busy with school, and with everything.
But thank you, yes to all of you, for always wasting your time with my blog.
I shall keep in touch again soon! 🙂