Symptoms of Hopelessness

by Victoria's Secrets

These are some funny things guys/girls do when they REALLY, I mean REALLY LIKE SOMEONE.

Symptoms of this kind of disease:

-You patiently wait for his text to reach your inbox, but it never does.

-And if he does message you, You keep on asking questions just to keep the conversation going

-You secretly stalk his facebook just to check what he’s up to.

-Wrong sends. To him.

-Group Messages.. to him.. again.

-Checking his twitter just to see where he is, and maybe you guys can bump into each other “coincidentally”

-When he passes, you pretend like you didn’t see him but after he’s no longer in sight you keep looking for him, waiting for him to show up

-When people ask you “Are you guys still dating?” You play it safe and say “You’re better off single” But then you still actually hope you both still are.

-When you get drunk, He’s the first person on your list to text. Sending gibberish stuff and boom feelings pour out (EMBARRASSING!)

-When you go out, you try to go to places he usually goes and find ways just to see him.

-You try to convince yourself you don’t like him, but then you still do.

-You listen to sad love songs.. (Maoy mode)

-You always recall the moments you had with him to your friends, about a gazillion times already.

-Your friends think you’re crazy

-You constantly tweet about him. So he would notice.

-You try to like his photos or anything in his profile, when he’s online. Maybe he’ll notice?

-You try texting his friends and ask if what they’ve been up to.. or wait, what he’s been up to.. If you know what I mean.

– Constant and endless denials.

-Saving his texts and reading them all over and over again.

-And last but not the least, pretending to have a fake relationship with someone just to make him jealous. But apparently he doesn’t give a damn.

Funny but true, admit it, you’ve done it once or twice, or maybe you still do. 😉