A Post for the Lonely

by Victoria's Secrets

On and on, Bothered by shadows of yesteryear. I end up so pitiful and disappointed.

I can now say it, Admit that, “I’ve never felt so lonely like this in my entire being”

It’s that feeling  when all the attention you needed was given, but then it was never enough.

Cause the only pair of eyes you seek never even care to give you a glance or a glimpse.

It’s hard to ingest, but yes, you are alone and rejected. Face your inner most fears.

Let it go, Slowly release the pain.

Accept your frustrations, and know where you stand.

Don’t chase that person who never even thought of chasing you back.

Don’t waste time on someone who isn’t worth your efforts, look around you and focus on more important things

Stop that bond or connection between you and the person. A song, text, an object, or whatever it maybe.

Kill that memory

Stop reminiscing, Grab that part of him in you, and let it fade. Just let go.

Stop holding on, stop hoping.

Fix yourself, gradually.

Get back on your feet and know your better than bitterness.

Someone will come, He may not be around at this moment, but yes he will come, Be patient. Everything can wait.

Open your heart again. When you do, maybe this time, this one’s a keeper.