Oh good Lord.

by Victoria's Secrets

I’m not trying to diss anyone, or worst make fun of them. But I just had to make this post.

I’m sorry you guys.

I’ve been accepting all my friend requests. Not really thinking if I know them or anything.. But I just feel amused to see people who are really eager to have a slice of my life or people who know me.

But going back to the main reason of this blog.

Facebook. A place for stalking, friend-making and an avenue where almost half of your friends, either you haven’t met in your entire life or they know you but you don’t know them.

In this case, I found to my entertainment to just scan the list of my so-called friends who apparently have funny names, people who randomly ask me foolish questions and most of all compliments. (ooh.. I love this part.)

Phase I: Is that even a name?

10. Bheiibhe Ghurl

9. Oo ROdz

8. Ydalv Osi

7. IamBucky Ai Go Queso (Translate: I am Bucky,  I go Cheese)

6. WeezyNukee Sondo

5. Zildjian Zeike

4. Aiichirou Hayashi (Slurpee) (What’s with the slurpee?)

3. LynLynn DonDonn (Dafuq)

2. Zeekevil NatalCleft


Phase II. Random chatters

Some people really are random, Just check out these snapshots I took of the things they usually say to me.


Yeah, it’s kinda flattering often, sometimes overboard, and mostly just too funny to handle.