That’s my guy!

by Victoria's Secrets

1. He definitely has to smell good.
2. Should have a good sense of humor, but then knows how to act mature at all times
3. Confidence is a must.
4. Can accept my moodiness
5. Bring me food always.
6. Can cuddle me all night long
7. Appreciate my type of genre
8. Be as out-going as me.
9. Polo shirts and khaki’s please
10. Desirable: Knows how to dance
11. Essential: Needs to level with my craziness
12. Doesn’t need to be told what to do
13. Be the one to handle the relationship.
14. Passionately passionate
15. Both a best friend and a lover
16. ME over his bro’s
17. Knows how to show his affection at the right time and at the right place (NO PDA’S)
18. Isn’t ashamed of his past
19. He has to find ways to keep me
20. Never doubts me
21. Support my causes and beliefs
22. Never. Gives. Up. On. Me.
23. Has to be older than me (Months will do)
24. Can sing me to sleep.
25. Likes to read books
26. Teases me occasionally
27. Never complains with my physical features
28. Reminds me constantly of how much he loves me
29. Knows how to act cute
30. Will always understand me no matter how complicated I can be.