Above and Beyond

by Victoria's Secrets

I was never into Trance type of  House Music. (In case you don’t know, there are a lot of sub-genre’s in that category)

I found it eerie and weird. But if you listen attentively, it somehow portrays something much more than electric beats.

Anyways the past few days have been really challenging, with all the different agenda’s to attend to. STRESS. I think I’m about to die. But one way to soothe my never-ending headaches..

Above and Beyond. My significant other. I meant others. Or whatever.

Somehow, the music speaks to me. It’s soothing, up to beat, and the lyrics are just plain deep. Though it may not be dance-y, it always gets my mood set.

From waking up in the morning, till it’s sleeping time. Definitely it’s on my most played, raped and replayed songs to listen to.

I just wanted to share these, and let’s see if you feel that sensation, that feeling. From its progression to its climax. Music is definitely sex to one’s ear.

1. On my way to heaven (Club mix)

2. Sun and Moon

3. Thing called love

4.  Come Home + If i Could Fly

5. With your hope

It’s always been a feeling, and that feeling never dies.