I’m a Friendless Loser

by Victoria's Secrets

When I was 7, Believe it or not, I was friendless, if you don’t count imaginary ones. It was a sad childhood. Talking to myself at times, Never wanting to go to school cause I always felt embarrassed of being alone. *Sigh. Not to mention, Bullying was also my only companion. People tend to push me around cause I was thin, shy and small.

Nevertheless, I used to eat lunch outside, when I was brought back to school, I used to pretend to have tummy aches, or think of some kind of disease to get me out of this wretched situation. Then asking my nanny to bring me home immediately. Not knowing I really didn’t have any motives of going back cause I was so alone.

Maybe because of the new environment, It was hard coping up with other kids.

Not until my nanny found out, She pitied me actually, so everyday she used to talk to my batch mates, demanding them to include me in whatever they were doing and to always accompany around. Up until now, I thank her for that.

I think everybody goes through this stage of being alone. Having no one to talk to. (No wonder I’m kinda secretive) No one to share your feelings. Just you and your solitary mind.

However, Change is always constant,  Things shifted after that year, I made tons of friends and a lot to remember during my whole elementary years.

Oh well, High school, Boys and Relationships came in, not to mention a whole lot of experience for me. From being an officer, a performer, a varsity player and a whole lot of craziness

Talking about friends, I had a lot. But then some stayed, and some just decided to disappear permanently. It was always a habit to change friends every year not until I finally found a specific type of crowd that came up to my liking. These are the beings who came into my life with a surprise and chose to stay in it

They let out my wild side, they were the people who leveled with my thinking and craziness. That from being a shy girl, I was now the first one running up to scaffolds and pedestals kicking and dancing my ass off. They taught me lessons, gave me memories and secrets to keep for the rest of my life.

Now that I’m in my college, busy days have come our way. But then reminiscing those times when you thought you had nobody to run to and comparing it now. I guess I was lucky to have these people now. Who have known me enough to accept my flaws and rather tease me with my mistakes rather than blabbering about it.

Imagine almost 6 years of being together. We practically outgrown each other. These people will always be and have always been a part of me.

Ahh, but then time have always been pressuring, Distance might be grueling, there will always be a special place for them in my heart. That absence of their presence will never be a factor of losing ties.

Till we meet again.