Facing the Truth

by Victoria's Secrets

Things you just want to erase. Things that you expect to happen. Things people perceive as true.  Things you try to hide. and most of all Things you try to lie about.

Everybody goes through that face palming moment when truth just smacks you in the head and boom – Reality.

Yes, let’s all face facts here. We can never make things the way we want it to be, We can never please everyone. Sometimes it may be hard to accept but the will shall be done.

Truth can be good, beneficial at times, but whatever matter it may be, it will always be difficult to blurt out.

It’s how to say it that makes things worst.

Do you find it easy to tell your friend that her boyfriend is a cheating a-hole?

When can you tell your parents your true gender?

How can you tell you tell people that you’re pregnant?

Is it easy to tell a close friend of yours how she has weird body odor?

Do you have the guts to tell someone you like them?

When will you ever admit to yourself you still love him?

How can you tell someone you did something terribly wrong?

There are a lot of consequences if truth shall be set free. Broken Relationships, Loss of Friendship, Bad reputations, Depression  and a whole lot more.

But truth surpasses words, it’s inclined to oneself. If one knows the truth you will be able to live life freely with no regrets and grudges.

But it all boils down to acceptance.

Human as we are, we are given choices it’s up to our conscience whether we choose to face the grueling truth or be shallow and escape its wrath.