Profile no 2: Jamaeca Thea Umandac Nelmida

by Victoria's Secrets

I have known this woman for not quite a long time, but it seems like forever, whenever we’re together.

They say First Impressions last, but I beg to disagree.

First time I met her, I was still in my Second year in High school, She came in as a new student in our class. A lot of people told me she was quite a character. Then I couldn’t help but agree. I really thought she was weird and annoying.

But as the school year went along, I learned to know her better, I told myself she wasn’t that bad, Up to now, not even my first impression about her could retaliate how she really is.

My GG, My womanizer, My co-skitter, my party buddy. There are so much to say when you talk about our memories together. She taught me how to enjoy life in the best way possible.

Literally, she was the one who brought a side of me, I never knew existed. And I’m quite thankful for that.

When you say Jamai, One word can sum up to her personality. Strong.

She’s that type of friend who will fight for you. Who will never leave you. Both in good times and in bad situations. She would be the first one to confront you with your mistakes and accepts you for whoever you are. She may be tactful and crazy, but that’s her. That’s what makes her beautiful and amazing.

Frankly speaking, If I haven’t met this girl, I would be as boring as a potato. She has been a great influence to me in so many ways.

From our drunk adventures, to our chill days, and most especially our crazy, drop it to the floor dance moves.

Though sometimes she never tells me about her love life. Refer to Profile no. 1. (Love yew both)

Recalling my moments with her, I have a long list, but I wanna share to you my Top 3 moments.

1. When we were in Fourth Year, We used to go out a lot. (I don’t know what happened now) She introduced me how to party. I mean seriously. We used to go to Penthouse (A Club in I.T) and pretend we were old enough to go inside. Luckily it always works! HAHAHAH

2. When I got so drunk, I told her if I can go home and I seriously made her to pinky swear to me. And she did. Actually I got back to the city so drunk.

3. My number 3 would probably be, Was when she got so drunk, she jumped inside the pool, without thinking she doesn’t know how to swim. (I don’t know how either) She was literally panicking and I kept on laughing. She was like “Shit shit! Help!” “Di ko kibaw mu langgoy! (Translation: I don’t know how to swim!)

Ahhhh, But there are a lot more to tell, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in one post.

But then, I think all those memories and shared moments are for us to keep and be left that way.

Note to my GG:

Hey sexy lady! I know time has not been good to us, and I rarely see you. I mean, I never get to see you anymore. Sometimes I always think of you, and all the things we had. It always makes me smile. I miss your binggit, our horny moments, budots budots, touching your boobies and everything about you. I hope to see you soon! I know this is kinda late but finally I finished it na! Sorry! Love you GG, and you will always be my one and only. I’m happy we became friends and it has always been a pleasure to be part of your life, I hope you feel the same way with me. Char. I know you’re happy now. And I’m happy for you! Don’t cut class and be a good girl! Love you Talisaynun!

From your favorite Secret, GG Victoria