Broken Pages

by Victoria's Secrets

It’s easy to fall in love, as it is easy to fall out of it.
Finding the right relationships these days have been really scarce and difficult.
The younger the generation, the more liberation.

Nowadays they treat love more as an endearment, not any more a feeling.
They love you today, they hate you tomorrow.
It’s as easy for them to say I love you, than everyday cussing

Love was supposed to be magical
It was supposed to bind two people who are mature enough to take each other as a priority and a responsibility
Now, everything I know about love is quite questionable.

People say that it’s meant to be, I say its coincidence
Cheating was a mistake and it won’t happen again, I say it was choice
Forever starts with you and me, I say stop blinding yourself with fairy tales

Love does not grow overnight, just like how feelings and moving on does
Love is deeper, it’s beyond physical attraction.
It’s being emotionally stable.

Love is intimacy, understanding and right amount of maturity.
You both work for it.
When one stops, that’s when it all fails.

So don’t go crying cause you thought there was someone better than you
That it was never part of your destiny.
Stop being childish.
Grow up and accept that either one of you gave up or both of you are just not mature enough.