The one who got away, came back

by Victoria's Secrets

If you love them set them free, that’s how it’s supposed to be they say.

But what if one day, He came back for you, what will you do?

A second chance? Probably. Constant Denials? Maybe.

In my case, Give it time.

There was a reason, there’s always a reason. You gave him away, for a cause you only might know. It’s not easy to forget, that’s a simple rule. When you are in the verge of moving on, he comes back to haunt you again.

It’s hard to choose between two important things when this situation comes. Your happiness  and meddling What if’s?

Initially, If you welcome him back to your life. Expect a timeline of smiles, love and joy. But can you assure yourself those things won’t happen again? Will you be able to accept his past and try to recover all the memories you hid away? Are you ready to accept again the person who cause you too much pain? Probably no.

But if you choose not to, Can you be able to battle all the what if’s and regrets that may come to you? Why didn’t I stay? Why didn’t I gave him another chance? I love him, why can’t I fight for him? You have your own predicaments. They may not make sense to others but It’s your own understanding.

How do you handle it?

I have given a a lot advice to friends, and the only thing I suggest is to Give it time. He has his grounds of going away and coming back. We can never dictate our destiny, It doesn’t change for us, we have to change it ourselves. Time can only tell if he is willing to wait, then let him, that’s a better idea than to be rushed. But if he can’t, I tell you, you are better off with someone who can make all the efforts just to be with you again.

A couple of months won’t hurt him. A little space to heal your wounds and time to think of the love you once had for him can patch up things. But it doesn’t work for you, then you better understand yourself and your feelings first before jumping into the wild. Patience is really a virtue, however seldom seem to notice it’s existence.