That Feeling.

by Victoria's Secrets

Who doesn’t remember your childhood crush?  That moment, when liking someone was a really big thing.

Even having to write it in a small autograph book was really a brave move. After that you’ll be the talk of the town, and teasing will never cease to end.

Now, we have grown older, and liking someone was as cliche’ as it can get.

But the feeling still stays the same.

You feel all glittery and jittery inside, You smile for no reason at all, Stalking his profile once in awhile, You go crazy when he passes by, But then freezes and run speechless if  he says smiles right back at you. Jumping up and down when he texts you, Re-reading messages all over again, You just can’t stop talking about him.

It’s get more challenging when it comes to “Let him notice you” part, Endless devious plans just for him to know you.

Add him up or vice versa, Like his recent activities, Hopefully he’ll chat with you, Then he starts to say “Hi” if you pass by. He talks to you. and then BOOM

It’s suddenly the Fourth of July, Exploding emotions everywhere.

But if he doesn’t?  Well keep your hopes up, Maybe he’s still gathering up the courage or just maybe face the ugly truth that he’s just not that into you.