Tracing Fine Lines

by Victoria's Secrets

Ber-months have finally come. When days are faster and nights are longer.

The year is almost ending, Imagine that? How time flies so rapidly.

Anyho, Past few weeks before September, have served an eclectic set of events for me. All of which are quite stressful, amusing, and unbelievable

1. Stressful

Though school have been stressing me out lately, Due to the upcoming Assessment, which I am totally scared out of my wits as of the moment. I’m scared of failure, I wanna proceed to my OJT as soon as possible, I don’t care if this is gonna cost me sleepless nights, As long as I pass this really hassle, super tiring semester. But yeah I know I could do it, I was a born fighter and I know I can surpass with flying colors.

2. Amusing

Yes, Life for me has been quite amusing. Mainly because I found new friends and they are really giving me all the distraction I need as of the moment. ¬†Another thing is, I keep on smiling these days, maybe I’m yet inspired by something.. or someone… (I’ll make a separate post on this)

3. Unbelievable

You guys won’t believe it, I still can’t either. But I ranked third in our Dean’s list among all Hotel and Restaurant Management and Tourism Students. How lucky can I get?!! (Not trying to brag or anything), However, the sad thing is, I was late during our Briefing for Front Office causing me a 100 points deduction, so basically I failed.. Hopefully, during the final assessment I can get back those lost points and prove them wrong.

So yeah, That’s whats keeping me busy and uptight these days, causing almost a month or weeks of absence in blogging. I miss this a lot. So expect better posts to come!

I’m back, wombat.