Work Hard, Play Hard

by Victoria's Secrets

Sounds erotic doesn’t it? But you’re too green-minded. I am too.

However, that’s not main point of this post. It’s somehow related but in a not sexual kind of way.

Well, I mean “Work Hard” is by I have been busting my ass off 24/7 just to finish the daily agendas I need to attend to. School and Projects. I’m almost in the verge of having a mental breakdown.. But I kid. Almost, but I’m still hanging in there.

But every week, I always de-stress myself by of course going out. That’s the part where “Play Hard” fits in, playing means enjoying the wonderfulness of being single, free and young. I don’t  wanna say YOLO cause it sounds so mainstream and stupid. I can say that I am the possibly most carefree person in the world. I just go with the flow but I know my limits. I can be as hyper as a monkey on caffeine and shift to be a serious business woman.

However, despite going home late every Saturday’s, I always balance this by doing great in school. A lot of people as me how I do it, and maybe I’ll share a couple of tips you guys might find helpful.

1. School is School. Going Out is Going Out. NEVER, go out during school days.

2. Don’t get tempted to skip school! No. (But in my case, I always make it up by making all my quizzes perfect as possible then that 10% attendance is nothing to worry about)

3. Try being responsible by doing things beforehand so that on a saturday night you can do whatever you want

4. If you’ll be able to get really nice grades, your mom will never question you anymore. (Instead she’ll even give you something nice as a reward)

5. Always be up for a challenge. Let your classmate underestimate you and try to prove them wrong (I’ve done this several times)

6. Lastly. NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. Don’t make mediocrity an option.

Yeah, having a great social life and also excelling in studies will give a good impression to you. Some will envy you, some will dislike you, some will be at awe and some will praise you.

Either way, its you who will benefit a lot from this. So it’s up to you to take on the responsibility.

So you better work harder, and play harder.

But as of the moment, I am currently in the status of being so bored and sad (due to the recent break-up of the Swedish House Mafia)

So maybe I’ll be posting something sad to take away the grief I’m feeling now.

Tata for now.