Five Minute Blog: Mishaps in the Morning

by Victoria's Secrets

Tragedies happen all around you, you’ll never understand why these happen to usually the innocent and people who have not lived their lives to the fullest.

They say “God has bigger plans” I do believe that there is a higher being who is responsible for our lives, (I am a Roman Catholic but I detest the church) I cling to my own perception of faith.

When you’re stuck in that situation when you’re close to death, that heart pounding moment when you know you’ll never see the smiles of your loved ones, you’ll never get to love again and you stop making memories. To follow the dark abyss that is waiting for you

Slowly, painly. suffereing, quickly —

And there, Dark shadows have come to pick you up.Death, that moment in time when life just fades away from you, bright eyes just blankly stare in the air, body stiffen and the soul has finally drifted from the most prized possession you had all those years.

I guess we can never tell how and when Death will come to us, different ways, different patterns.

We may never be ready, we may fear it, we may fight to conquer it

But again and again, it will forever continue to follow us where ever we go.