Happy State

by Victoria's Secrets

Watching couples happily swinging hands, kissing, hugging and all those mushy stuff they usually do.

Hearing them say “I love you” or “I’ll wait for you” lines

You can never deny, you want to have someone to say and do those things to you.

When people ask me.

Them: “I’m so jealous” I wish I had a boyfriend, Don’t you?

I usually reply

Me:  Yes, but I don’t need one. A relationship isn’t a need, It’s a want, there’s a big difference”

Do you need to have a relationship to fill the emptiness you feel inside?

In our fast pacing world, Girls and Boys are hooking up and breaking up as fast as lightning flashes

They don’t know how to set priorities anymore. They can’t differentiate love from lust. They just WANT to have someone to make them feel special.

But in my slow paced world, I want to wait, I’ve tried to be in a relationship and of course you all know how it ended

Realizing then, It’s not that I’m not mature enough, I still haven’t had enough knowledge to make someone my priority and a responsibility.

I don’t want to tie myself down so early. I am too young to be bitching around with some man I know I have no future with and I know will never be the one I am going to marry.

Yes, I envy people having a perfect love. That the only thing that seemed to revolve around them are each other.

But… I can wait. I don’t want to go chasing and wasting my time on other guys who just want you, but will never be smart enough to be with you.

I like to be alone, it may get depressing at times, but I am happy this way. I am happy that I don’t have to worry about anyone.

I like to pamper and think about myself first.

Furthermore, I get irritated when people say they are “FOREVER ALONE” nobody is, literally, I mean, someone is out there.

Waiting for you, Trying to find you and when that time comes, you’ll realize that everything you went through will all be worth it.

You can’t judge destiny, you can never make it happen in a snap.

So, I am in a state when I am so happy that I am one of those fortunate girls, who are willing wait for that moment.

That moment when a person can finally change my life.