Girls of the Generation

by Victoria's Secrets

I never thought Girls can be so promiscuous these days.

Overhearing stuff they would do around boys just for fun and for the heck of it.

I can say that I am deeply disgusted as well as shocked.

Making out with different guys because you think it’s cool? Getting laid and having sex just because you got so drunk or your hormones told you so?

Oh, puh-lease.

Thing is, they say this phrase which make them seem more stupid

“We’re in College, who cares? It’s a normal thing”

Dear 21st century girls,

You make me puke, why are you all stupid for doing such things when you all know is not right?

You think what you’re doing is something to brag about? I don’t think so…

And you hate people who call you a bitch? They have a reason why they say so and by the way you’re doing, they are probably right of saying that to you.

Uhhh, To all those boys who brag that they did it with a lot of girls, I really don’t know what kind of brain you have, or wait, do you even have one?

From, 21st century girl, who is not as stupid as you all are.

I don’t know what’s happening to this world.

Where is all the decency in this?

Where have all the good and innocent people gone?

Oh Lord, please help them.